Call Wanda Copenhaver to Lose weight and get fit in Orlando

Wanda said, I want to Lose Weight. She has tried every diet known to mankind. Wanda signed up for Diets, that included spending large amounts of money, and even going without eating at times. It was not until she discovered a great  natural nutrition, that changed her life changed in so many ways.

After taking the Herbalife nutrition  for a short time, Wanda found new energy and lost weight. Wanda in the first 30 days dropped 10 pounds, and also lost inches.  After 6 months Wanda lost a total of 60 pounds, and 11 sizes in clothes! Check what your weight according to your height should be.



Wanda opened Pura Vida Wellness Center, Lose Weight, Free Fit Camp, Free Fit Dance , where she helps  and teaches many people to transform an unhealthy lifestyle  to a Healthier Happier Lifestyle

In May of 2018 Wanda decided to go ALL-IN opening a 2100 SF warehouse, which is located in Casselberry, Florida. Pura Vida Fitness is still in Central Florida, near Orlando.

Wanda and her Healthy vision started transforming this space to an amazing Fitness Center, where Pura Vida Fitness Center has UNLIMITED Zumba, Fitcamp and Workout classes for 1 low monthly price.

Wanda still maintaining getting her clients great results, has now opened to the to new clients, who enjoy an indoor space for Fit Camp Zumba and a complete body workout.


If you want the body you’ve always dreamed of, Call/Text Wanda today and join her on your new Journey to a “Healthier and Happier life”

 Wanda, (407) 406-4738