If you are looking to Lose Weight and live a Healthy Lifestyle. We are a Healthy Nutrition Center, offering an amazing Wellness Center to Lose Weight, Gain Muscle and Live a Healthy livestyle

Rumba Fit Dance

Searching for a new way to lose weight and stay in shape, then dance class just might be the answer. Dancing can help to reduce stress, increase muscle tone, give you more energy

Pure Vida Strong

Our amazing "Pure Vida strong" class offers everything you need. It's High Impact dance, combined with a Cross Fit twist. Run the ladder, carry tires and lots of High Impact Cardio

Fit Camp

Pura Vida Fitness Unstoppable Fitness Formula workouts are designed to shed your unwanted body fat in the shortest amount of time possible while giving you maximum results

Pura Vida Wellness Center

Pura Vida Nutrition is a One Stop Shop!!! We offer an alternitive to a "diet". We will provide you with best Nutrition and a complete meal plan. You also get one of our amazing Health Coaches who will stick with you every step of the way. We have the best Fitness classes and Fitness exercises, in our Nutrition Center. Our Fitness classes and Nutrition will help you, Lose weight, Gain weight and put on muscle. STOP THE DIETS AND COME JOIN US!

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Our Trainers

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Body Evaluation

Complete Body Evaluation, which will will take no more than 30 minutes. and we will provide you with all your body readings and nutritional advice on how Herbalife (the worlds number 1 nutrition provider) can help support your weight management and good nutrition goals.

Wellness Coach

We Get Results ! ​Weight loss· Reduced waist size· Faster metabolism· Increased strength· Improved endurance· Gain in self-confidence· Reduced stress· Better posture & balance. Lose Weight Join us. Need to lose weight or gain muscle then Pura Vida Wellness Center can help.

Pura Rumba

Dancing can help to reduce stress, increase muscle tone, give you more energy, stimulate brain activity, and help you lose weight. That's right! Now you can burn up the dance floor and burn calories too! You will leave here knowing you've worked out without knowing you worked out


You need every day to fuel your daily activities, promote and maintain a lifetime of good health and make your best shape a reality. The right nutrition is balanced nutrition. Committing to these simple nutrition guidelines can put good health within reach. Call Wanda today for more details.


I love the fast pace Zumba and the energy is off the chain. These classes and the people are so positive. The nutrition is the best
The nutrition and shakes are the best. I come here because of the Love of the people at Pure Vida Nutrition Center
Pure Vida Nutrition Center is the best. I love the fast pace Zumba classes, and the positive energy. My Happy place
The Princess,


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